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Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Jumbo mortgage balances are greater than the maximum loan amount under either the Fannie Mae loan or Freddie Mac loan limits or the HUD maximum loan limits. These loan limits are determined by the county in which you reside. To find out what the maximum loan limits are for your county, please click on the jumbo loan limits page.

Mortgage rates fall under conforming loan amounts, which were just raised in 2017 to $424,100. Additionally, county max loan limit as determined by the agencies may exceed this amount. For example, in Orange County and Los Angeles county, CA the max extended loan limits are $636,150. Jumbo mortgage rates are mortgages with balances higher than the extended loan limits. Once a mortgage balance exceeds this amount, the mortgage rates fall into another bracket and the rates are higher. Banks naturally want to earn interest at a higher rate when their risk level is higher.